April 2017 Newsletter


This month’s “Read to Your Child” featured book is What Will the Weather be Like Today? This month we will do a science experiment to see if we can make a cloud. The children will also be able to make their own cloud identifier. I hope you have the time to sit down and read to your child before having to head home to your evening routine!


This year NCCCC would like to plant a children’s garden as another avenue to promote healthy eating. We are looking for a volunteer to help build raised beds which will make tending the gardens easier for the children and also help prevent them dancing through the veggie patch. We would like two, one on the Toddler playground and another on the Preschool playground. NCCCC will cover the cost of the wood if some one is willing to con-struct them for us. We also would appreciate donations of seed or plants. Please contact Kathy if you can help.


The Week of the Young child will be observed at NCCCC from April 24—28. Each day of the week is designated as something different; Monday, April 11th is “Music Mon-day” we will celebrate music through dance and have a whole group dance party in the dining hall, “Tasty Tuesday” we will focus on healthy food choices by making a fruit salad, “Work Together Wednesday” we will make constructions out of card-board boxes, tubes or any material parents can collect for us that would lend it-self to construction, “Artsy Thursday” we will have an Art Show with the children’s art work on display in the hall. “Family Friday” we will host an Ice Cream Sundae get together for our families. We hope you and your family can join us on Friday at 4:30 PM.!


Thank you everyone who participated or donated to our Gertrude Hawk fundraiser. We made a profit of $608.82.
Quite a bit of the money was from direct donations rather than buying candy. Those contributions are also greatly appreciated. Thank you all!


Please find attached to this newsletter the scholastic orders forms for the month of April. The due date will be the 15th of each month, Orders usually take less than a week to arrive. You can also order on-line (Our school code is HL994.)
Scholastic Books are a very convenient and inexpensive way to share reading with your child. They also earn points for the center so NCCCC can earn free books with your purchase. Thank you for your support!


This year’s Spring Egg Hunt will be held on Friday, April 14th from 4– 5:00 PM.. Weather permitting we will take the children outside and they will have the opportunity to participate in the egg hunt. If the weather does not cooperate the egg hunt will be held in the dining hall. The Easter Bunny MAY also make an appearance.
We ask that each family contribute one dozen stuffed plastic eggs for each child attending from your fam-ily. Please remember we are peanut free so all candy must be peanut free and not processed in a plant with pea-nuts. Also in order for the candy to remain sanitary all candy must be wrapped. No lose jelly beans please. Please do not send in any small toys that a child can swallow and possibly choke on as most of the children are under the age of three. Please drop off your eggs by the morning of the 12th in order for the bunny to have a chance to hide them. Thank you! We hope to see you there!



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