December 2015 Newsletter

Festival of Lights Party

On Thursday, December 17th from 4:00—5:00 NCCCC will be hosting our Annual Festival of Lights. This is our Winter Holiday Party where the children learn about Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza. We would love it if you would like to share your families favorite holiday tradition.

Our volunteer Santa has moved to Hawaii so if any one would like to volunteer to be a Santa for this year’s party it would be greatly appreciated. We have the Santa Suit and just need the right man to fill it. Just contact Kathy if you are interested.

We will have games, crafts and lots of delicious food. Perhaps your Family Holiday Tradition is a favorite food that you would like to contribute. There will be a sign up sheet in the hall if you would like to contribute a treat. It is always lots of fun. We hope you can make it.

Teacher Professional Development

NCCCC is very proud of our staff and their love and dedication to their jobs. But did you know that in order to maintain our NAEYC Accreditation a percentage of our staff (75% of teachers and 50% of Teacher Assistants) are required to either have a degree or be working towards a degree. Because of this we hire new staff with this in mind and do everything we can to encourage our current staff to continue their education in Early Childhood.

I am very pleased to announce NCCCC has received a grant from CT Charts A Course that will enable 4 of our staff to take a college class at Three Rivers free of charge. Beginning in January, Kendra and Ethel will be taking Intro. to Early Childhood and Dar and Qun will be taking Methods in Early Childhood. This grant will help us maintain our educational standing for NAEYC and further educate our staff.

We also received a grant for a Team Building Workshop which will include two—2 hour workshops with 10 hours of coaching in between. Sarah Greenblatt will be leading the workshops and coaching and comes highly recommended by the State of CT Office of Early Childhood. The workshops and Coaching will take place in December and January.

It is not easy to work a full time job and go to school at night so I am very thankful and grateful to our teachers for their determination and dedication.

Please remember to give documentation of your child’s flu vaccine to our nurse. Thank you!

Tuition Increase

On January 4th NCCCC will be increasing tuition. This was a very difficult decision for the Board of Directors. We are a non-profit so I assure you we are just trying to balance the budget. We have kept the tuition in-crease to a minimum out of respect for your budgets. We did research to determine if we were still competitive and found that we are still in the low range of local childcares.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Kathy.  The new rates are as follows:

Infant, Waddler
and Toddler
(If potty trained)
Fulltime $215.00 $175.00
4 days $215.00 $175.00
3 days $162.00 $132.00
2 days $108.00 $88.00
1 day $54.00 $44.00

NAEYC 4th Annual Report Accepted

I am happy to announce NCCCC has received word from NAEYC they have accepted our fourth annual report and our NAEYC Accreditation will continue for another year. Next year however, we will be going through the renewal process where we update all our Classroom and Program Portfolios and undergo an inspection during the summer. This is always a busy time for the staff. Wish us LUCK!!!

Inclement Weather

To insure the safety of parents, children and staff in hazardous driving conditions, the Center may delay opening, close early or remain closed all day. A decision to delay opening will be made and broadcast by 6:00 A.M. If it is necessary to remain closed all day, the decision will be made and broadcast by 7:00 A.M. In the event the center must close early, a decision will be made and broadcast by 12:00 noon, and all parents will be contacted by phone. Announcements will also be broadcast on the following television stations:

  • WFSB/CBS -3
  • WVIT/NBC – 30

Center wide emails may be distributed to parents who have provided an email address.

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December 2015


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