February 2014 Newsletter

Behavior at Family Events and in the Hallways

We understand that it is difficult for the children to distinguish between events for the “Big Room”. We use it for physical activity on cold or rainy days so they associate it with running. However, at family Events, we can not have the children run. There is hot food that can be spilled on them, there are elderly grandparents present, not to mention the very young children just learning to walk who could be knocked over and injured. So please do not allow your child to run in the “Big Room” during Family Events.

Please also bear in mind that when you are dealing with your children at hoeyou only have one or two to content with. We can have as many as 45 children attending any one event. Therefore certain rules need to be in pace to prevent injury. Please do not undermine the staff by over ruling a direction to your child while they are still on the premises. We would never undermine you as a parent and we ask that you have the same respect for us as teachers.

Also, please do not allow your child to run in the hallway. Thank you for your cooperation.

State Licensing and Plastic Bags

NCCCC is in the process of preparing for our license renewal with the State of CT DPH. One thing we were cited on during our last inspection was plastic bags that were accessible to the children. This particular inspector found plastic bags that were sealed bags of diapers, and plastic bags in the children’s back packs. I am writing to ask you not put plastic bags in your child’s bags.

It has been our policy to wrap up soiled clothes in plastic bags and put them in their backpacks to go home. We are still waiting on a ruling from DPH concerning this matter. We have not been able to come up with a solution that would be both safe and hygienic. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Winter Brunch

On Friday, February 14th from 8:30-9:30 AM NCCCC will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a brunch for the children and parents. There will be breakfast stratas, muffins, bagels and fruit. Please join us for good food and good fun! We hope to see you there!

Sabina Elder on Maternity Leave—Jadira Breault New Substitute

We have a new substitute  for NCCCC. Her name is Jadira Breault and she will be taking Sabina’s place while she is on maternity leave. Jadira is attending Three Rivers Community College and also works another job in retail. Jadira plans ti become a urse. Pleas help us welcome her to the NCCCC Family. Best of luck to Sabina Elder. We will keep you posted when she has her baby.


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