February 2015 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Winter Brunch

On Friday Morning, February 13th NCCCC will be hosting our annual Winter Brunch between 8:30—9:30 AM. The staff will be making Strata, breakfast casserole and fruit salad to share with the children and families of NCCCC. Students are invited even if Friday is not their rescheduled day as long as an adult attends with them.

The NCCCC Family Events are a great opportunity for families to meet socially and support each other through conversation and arranging play dates.

A hot breakfast is a great way to start your day! We hope you can join us!

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraiser

We will be holding a Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraiser again this year. The proceeds will go directly towards the playground fence. We will be selling in February in order to make the March 2nd deadline to get orders in for Easter arrival. We will be selling them online as well so grandparents who do not live in the vicinity can also participate.

They make a wonderful Easter Basket filler  and have a great variety of candy shapes and flavors.


Community Helpers

In January the children learned about Community Helpers and we had some visitors come in to help the children meet and experience first hand what some people in our community do for a living and how they help us.

Kristen Lamkins (our Sub) brought in her brothers volunteer fireman outfit and she put it on to read the children Clifford the Firehouse Dog . Then she let all the children try on the helmet. They were so happy and excited! Ethel brought in her animated Curious George in a space suit. She read the story Astronauts and they talked about how astronauts go up in space. The children took turns squeezing his hand to make him talk and watched him shake when he blasted off into space!

Wendy (our new Preschool teacher) arranged for East Lyme Police Office Mark Hallbauer, to come in and meet the children and talk about Stranger Danger.  Then he took them outside, turned on his lights and siren and let them climb in the police car . We are hoping this will help the children understand the police are our friends and are here to help us and keep us safe.

We also had a bus driver, Amber Turner, come in to talk to the children about bus safety. They  went outside to climb on and explore the bus. (Hopefully this will ease some of the anxiety for the upcoming Kindergarteners.

Finally, Sue and Boo Bear came in to teach the children about dental health and instructed them on how to properly brush their teeth. Each preschooler got a bag to take home with a tooth brush and coloring book pages inside.

A huge thank you to those who arranged and those who took time out of their day to help expand our children’s worlds!


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