February Newsletter


NCCCC will be hosting our Annual Winter Brunch for parents on Tuesday, February 14th from 8:30—9:30 AM. The teachers will be providing the food. It is a great opportunity to share some time with your child, the teachers and other parents. We will have everything from Strata, to baked French Toast, muffins, bagels etc. Bring your appetite and enjoy a healthy breakfast before you start your busy day!

Winter Brunch 019


Please remember to always bring in weather appropriate clothing for your child. The children need fresh air and exercise everyday so the teachers take them out weather permitting. We have a chart that the teachers refer to, to compare temperature/wind chill in the summer and temperature/humidity in the summer. If the chart says it is not safe to play outside or it is raining we play in the dining hall. However, if it is temperate and/or snowing we still go out! So please, this time of year, make sure your child has a hat, mittens, snow boots and snow pants here at the center everyday. We can not keep a whole class in because one child doesn’t have the appropriate clothing.


BOO BEARpic-01

Boo Bear and Miss Susan from Children’s Dental Associates stopped by last month to teach the children about dental health through brushing and good food choices. She gave the children bags to bring home with toothbrushes and coloring pages. It is always great to see them every year. Thank you Boo Bear and Miss Susan!


NCCCC will be running the Gertrude Hawk fundraiser again this year. The sale will run from February 13 – March 10th in order to receive delivery by Easter. All orders must be returned to the office by March 15th. Delivery will be the week of March 27th. I fill my grandson’s Easter Basket every year with Gertrude Hawk candy, books and Legos! They have many delicious varieties and fun shapes to choose from.  Thank you for your participation and support!!!



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