January 2015 Newsletter

Pajama Day

Wednesday, January 21st at 10:00 AM is our Annual Pajama Day. The children may wear their pajamas and cozy up in the dining hall for  popcorn, hot chocolate  and G -rated movie.

Please make sure that if your child wears their pajamas to the center that you include street clothes in the back packs to (weather permitting) they can still go outside to play on the playground. They may also bring in anything that they usually take to bed with them like stuffed animals or a favorite blanket ( or use the bedding from their cot).


New Cleaning Company for NCCCC

The Niantic Community Church has hired a new cleaning company, High Tech Facility Services. We are very optimistic that the cleaning and sanitation of our center will improve with this new company.

The cleaning company is responsible for sweeping and vacuuming every night as well as cleaning and sanitizing all the bathrooms and sinks, sanitizing the flat surfaces and dusting. They will be waxing the floors and shampooing the carpets to start out the New Year and then on a regular basis after that.

We are hopeful that this will help make our center a cleaner, more comfortable place for your child to play and learn and cut down on the spread of communicable diseases.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Kathy.


Communicable Disease

During the summer we had a very tough fight against Cocksackie Virus. There were some misunderstandings which I hope to clear up now.

We ask that all parents please inform us if their child has a communicable disease so we can inform the other parents of what signs to look for in their own child. Once (and if) we are notified we post a Health Note on the double exit doors between the center and the hall. (We do not normally post in each classroom).  We never inform parents of which child has the disease or even which classroom it is in. We can not inform you, if we are not informed. A delay in getting this information to us promotes the spread of the disease because it prevents us from doing a concentrated sanitizing.

We ask that all parents wash both their hands and the hands of their child every time they enter the center. This helps prevent the spread of communicable diseases as well. The children also wash their hands before eating snacks and lunch, after diaper changing or bathroom breaks and when they come in from the playground.

The teachers do their best to keep down the spread of disease by cleaning and sanitizing the table after snack and lunch and by putting any toy that has been mouthed in a sanitizing bucket in the sink. We use a specific ratio of water to bleach, which is required by State Licensing,

In addition we ask that you not bring your child to the center when they are sick. We understand that children often come down with an illness while at the center. We also understand that you have jobs that require your attendance. That is why we ask that you have a back up (Grandparent or neighbor) who can care for your sick child when you can not miss work.

The following is an excerpt from that Family Handbook in regard to illness:

Children do get sick and certain illnesses require exclusion from childcare.  We understand that it is difficult for a parent to leave or miss work; therefore it is strongly recommended that alternative arrangements be made in the event that a child becomes ill.  The Center does not have the facility, resources or training to care for ill children and still maintain a healthy, quality program for the remainder of the children.


  • Fever of 100 degrees, which may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Any suspicious rash (may return with a Doctor’s note indicating that the rash is not contagious)
  • Any illness accompanied by open/oozing bacterial infection
  • Uncontrollable nasal discharge and uncontrolled productive cough
  • Any illness accompanied by open/oozing bacterial infection
  • Uncontrollable nasal discharge and uncontrolled productive cough

This is a judgment call at the discretion of the teacher or director, regarding the ability to control the spread of germs associated with rhinitis (runny nose) and cough droplets. Children with fever, any other symptoms requiring staff to provide one-on–one or the inability of the child to fully participate in usual program activities are also reasons for a child not to attend program or to be excluded.


If the staff accepts responsibility for a child who is marginally ill, the parent will be called to come and pick up their child early if the child’s condition deteriorates or he/she requires more care than is possible in the setting.

When returning your child to the Center after an illness, please remember:

  • A child must be free from fever, vomiting and diarrhea for at least 24 hours (or one full school day), without the benefit of medication, prior to returning.
  • Any child prescribed an antibiotic must take it for at least 24 hours prior to returning.

A child must be able to participate in all activities upon returning (including  outdoor activities).



If your child has a contagious illness, please keep him/her home and notify the Center immediately.  Contagious illnesses include but are not limited to the following:

Strep Throat Upper Respiratory Infection Mumps

Flu Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) Scabies

Chicken Pox Hepatitis Head Lice

Meningitis Measles Impetigo

Pin Worms Ring Worms Scarlet Fever

Coxsackie Virus ETC.

A child suffering from any of the above must be symptom free for at least a 24-hour period (or one full school day), without the benefit of medication, before attending childcare.  In the case of Scabies, appropriate treatment must be under way for a designated time period before the child may return.  In the case of Head Lice, appropriate treatment must be completed and the child must be nit free before the child may return.  Re-admission will be done by the school nurse, the Director or his/her designee.  A physician’s statement of good health may be required.

A child who becomes ill while at the Center will be isolated from the other children. He or she will remain in the office (providing there is supervision) on his/her cot. Comfort and cooling drinks will be provided.  His/Her parents will be called to make arrangements to pick him/her up within one hour.  A sick child may not be left at the Center as this may lead to illness of other children and/or staff. 

When a child is dismissed due to illness, an exclusion form will be filled out and the parent will be required to sign it.  The form will indicate the symptoms for which the child is being excluded and a reminder to the parent as to when the child may return.

Hospitalization and/or Surgery: A child will be excluded from the Center following hospitalization until the Director has met with the parents, nurse consultant, classroom staff and any other appropriate professionals.  The Center MUST have a written plan of care or guidelines for return to childcare from the physician in order for the child to be accepted for care.  It is important for the child to have a chance to recuperate at home before returning to full activity at the Center.






To insure the safety of parents, children and staff in hazardous driving conditions, the Center may delay opening, close early or remain closed all day. A decision to delay opening will be made and broadcast by 6:00 A.M. If it is necessary to remain closed all day, the decision will be made and broadcast by 7:00 A.M. In the event the center must close early, a decision will be made and broadcast by 12:00 noon, and all parents will be contacted by phone.



All delays and closings will be announced on local radio stations:

WNLC 98.7                            WCTY 97.7

WICH 1310 AM                   WKNL 100.9


And TV Stations:

WFSB/CBS -3            or                    WVIT/NBC – 30        or        WTNH/ABC


Center wide emails may be distributed to parents who have provided an email address.

Parent Participation

NCCCC has an Open Door Policy, meaning parents may visit the center at any time during the day to visit with their child. Please know you are also welcome to come in and teach the children a craft, read them a story, chaperone a party or event, or another activity that you may think of. Because we know your schedule is busy we do not extend an invitation but wait for you to broach the subject and let us know what activity and when it is most convenient for you to come in. We consider you as parents, to be the first teacher and biggest influence in your child’s life. We appreciate a partnership with you and your family members (grandparents are welcome too) in guiding your child’s development. If you are interested in becoming involved please talk to your child’s teacher to arrange a time.


Because of the recent security scare here in Niantic, we have decided to start changing the 4 digit security code on a monthly basis again. I know it is difficult for some parents to remember the code but it has become necessary for us to do this. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will always make the code form a pattern on the key pad to aid your memory.

I will make the switch on Monday the 5th after 8:00 AM and will be available to give it to you individually if you just contact me through the intercom. I appreciate your patience.

Please do not share the code with children. They love to push the buttons but do not understand the importance of not giving the number out to others. You may share it with grandparents who pick up on a regular basis but the fewer people who have it the safer your child is.

We have also started locking the door between the office and the dining hall again. I have asked the teachers to please enter the dining hall through the office but re-enter the center through the secure door.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Kathy. Thank you for your cooperation.

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