January 2016 Newsletter

Inclement Weather

snowflakeTo insure the safety of parents, children and staff in hazardous driving conditions, the Center may delay opening, close early or remain closed all day. A decision to delay opening will be made and broadcast by 6:00 A.M. If it is necessary to remain closed all day, the decision will be made and broadcast by 7:00 A.M. In the event the center must close early, a decision will be made and broadcast by 12:00 noon, and all parents will be contacted by phone. Announcements will also be broadcast on the following television

  • WFSB/CBS-3
  • WVIT/NBC-30

Center wide emails may be distributed to parents who have provided an email address.


Wednesday, January 20th is Pajama Day! The children wear or bring in their pajamas and cozy up in the dining hall for pop corn, hot chocolate and a movie. Please include street clothes so the children can still play on the playground weather permitting. They may also bring in anything they usually take to bed with them like stuffed animals or favorite blankets.

Tuition Increase Reminder

Just a reminder that on January 4th NCCCC will be increasing tuition. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Kathy.  The new rates are as follows:

Infant, Waddler
and Toddler
(If potty trained)
Fulltime $215.00 $175.00
4 days $215.00 $175.00
3 days $162.00 $132.00
2 days $108.00 $88.00
1 day $54.00 $44.00
The Staff of Niantic Community Church Children’s Center
wish you and yours a
Very Happy New Year!!!

NAEYC Standard 1—Relationships

In order to help parents better understand what NAEYC is and how it influences and improves our program I am going to start writing a monthly series of articles, each one relating to a different NAEYC Standard.

Standard 1 – Relationships. Building positive relationships among Teachers and Families—1.A.02 Teachers gain information about the way families define their own race, religion, home language, culture and family structure.

NCCCC uses the following pieces of evidence to demonstrate how we meet this particular criteria:

  • Our first method of gaining information from families on the race, religion, home language, culture and family structure is on the registration form that they fill out when they are enrolling.
  • At our annual Open House and Pot Luck we ask parents to share their culture by contributing a food dish that represents their family.
  • At our Festival of Lights party we also ask families to share their holiday traditions. We have activities, foods and information on Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza at this event.
  • We also use the NAEYC family survey that family’s can anonymously fill out to rate us on how we are doing on this issue so that we can gage our effectiveness and make changes if needed.
  • When a child enrolls in our center who does not speak English we try our best to accommodate them through our staff’s second languages (currently we have staff members who speak French, Spanish and Chinese). They act as interpreters. At one time we had a child who came to us who spoke only Chinese and another who spoke an African dialect. We made visual cards for him so that he could communicate with us.

NCCCC New Year’s Resolution—Communication

Our New Year’s Resolution at NCCCC is to improve our communication as a team in the classrooms as well as throughout the center. This is a result of the Teambuilding Workshop that we started in December and will continue in January. The staff all agreed that communication should be the main focus of our Teambuilding efforts. The improvements we are in the process of instituting are a Communication Log that allows morning and afternoon staff to pass on information or messages from parents, Weekly staff meetings during nap time so we are all on the same page, and we are also trying to work out the logistics for Transition Meetings with parents, staff and the Director before we transition a child to the next room.

We would like to extend an invitation to parents to continue our cycle of communication. When you hear things that concern you please bring it up to either Kathy or a staff member. We value your opinions, con-cerns and praise. We are open to feedback and in that vain want to invite you to give your opinion of how you think we are doing on the Communication Survey found on page three of this newsletter. Communication not only is informative but will help clear up misunderstandings, clarify expectations and improve our care giving for your children. We value and thank you for your input. Thank you.

NCC Children’s Center Communication Survey

Please let us know how you think we are doing. NCCCC utilizes many methods of communication. Con-versations at drop off and pick up, emails, newsletters, white boards, daily sheets, parent/teacher confer-ences, posters on the exit doors and on the sign in sheets. However… there is always room for improvement so we invite you to share your opinions and let us know what you like and where you think we can change things. Please fill out and return the following survey. Thank you so much for your input.

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January 2016


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