May 2014 Newsletter


It’s that time of year again! Sun, Sand and fun! Please find the Sun Screen permission form attached to this newsletter. If you would like us to apply sunscreen on your child in the afternoons (we ask that you apply in the AM) please fill out the form and return it along with the sunscreen.

Please do not send in the aerosol sunscreen as it uses a flammable propellant or the stick sunscreen because it takes way too long to apply. Thank you!


Extra Clothes

The days are finally getting warmer so please check your child’s cubby or locker to make sure they have a weather appropriate set of extra clothes.

It is also almost time to send in the bathing suit, towel and water shoes for those hot fun days in the sun!

Teacher Appreciation Week

The week of May 5-9 is National Teacher Appreciation Week and we will be celebrating and Thanking our teachers that week through the following activities. Monday-Cinco de Mayo, Tuesday-BOD Brunch, Wednesday-Parent Provided Lunch, Thursday—-Director’s Tea, Friday-Children’s Thank you!

We are asking parents if they could please provided a dish for the Parent provided luncheon. There will be a sign up in the hallway on the bulletin board. Also if you could help your child fill out the thank you’s that will be distributed with this newsletter and bring them in for Friday it would be greatly appreciated. The rest is all taken care of by the BOD and myself.

Please help me in thanking our teachers for all the love and care they provide for your child.

Accreditation Facilitation Project Grant

I am very pleased to announce that NCCCC has again received a grant from the Accreditation Facilita-tion Project which provides support and assistance to programs seeking NAEYC Accreditation. The Accredita-tion Facilitation Project is funded by the Office of Early Childhood and is a component of Connecticut Charts- A- Course the state’s career development system. They offer guidance, scholarships and classes to help us reach the goals that are required by NAEYC.

Four years ago when we got the grant it enabled 5 of our staff to get their CDA’s in early childhood education (ECE). Once they finished the classes, they were able to test out through the Pathways Exams of-fered by Charter Oak College, to receive up to 12 college credits in ECE. This puts them on the track toward getting their Associates in ECE. It also allowed me to get 15 college credits in Early Childhood Administration. They gave us guidance in developing our Classroom and Center Portfolios as well as offering us Professional Development classes.

This time the staff can receive scholarships to continue acquiring credits towards their ECE. Melissa, who already has her Associates in ECE, has decided to take the Administration credits to enable her to take on an Administrative roll in the future.
It would be impossible to put a dollar value on this very valuable grant. Suffice it to say we are very blessed to have received it again. Congratulations to us and thank you to CT Charts-A-Course!

Free Admission to Dennison Pequotepos Nature Center

The Dennison Pequotsepos Nature Center (DPNC) 109 Pequotsepos Road, Mystic Connecticut (860)536-1216 is offering free admission for the following days in May and June.

Sunday, May 11th (Mother’s Day)
DPNC will offer free admission all day to all Mothers and Grandmothers. Bring a picnic and enjoy the day outdoors, walking the trails and visiting the Natural History Museum with hands on exhibits for children too.

Saturday, May 17th (Endangered Species Day)
Free Admission from 1-5 for all in honor of Endangered Species Day. Come see the exhibits, hike the trails and learn about the special plants and animals that the nature center helps protect.

Saturday June 7th (Connecticut Trails Day)
Free guided hike (10:00-11:30 AM) easy 3 mile loop around the DPNC trails. Also free pond dipping (1:00-2:30 PM) Fish, turtles, frog’s eggs,,,there’s lots to find at the pond. Nets and buckets provided.

Saturday, June 14th (State Wide Event)
This one day state wide event is designed to showcase Connecticut’s world of history, art and tourism to CT residents. Free Admission all day.

Sunday, June 15th (Father’s Day)
Free admission all day to fathers and grandfathers.

Parking Lot Safety

carsPlease remember when driving in the parking lot, children are walking to and from their parents cars.

Please drive 5-10 MPH in order to be able to stop quickly. Children are fast and can dart out between parked cars. They are short and cannot be seen easily in a rear view mirror. And they do not comprehend the consequences of being hit by a car.

In the same vain please hold your child’s hand between the car and the center. We have observed several children running in the parking lot and between the parking lot and the door. If you have more than one child to bring to the center, I would like to suggest that you try the following procedure: If you have an infant and a toddler, get the infant out first as they will not run away. Then get your toddler out and hold their hand all the way to
the door. Do the opposite when leaving the center. Put the child who is walking in the car first and then the infant.

I hope you find this routine much easier and less stressful. Please never leave your child in your vehicle. A child can easily put the car in gear and inadvertently cause an accident. And finally, please do not leave your car running while you are in the center. This is not only unsafe but also unhealthy for the children to breathe the pollution.

Please always drive safely and with consideration for little ones while at our center. Thank you!

A Reminder from the Nurse – Physicals

nursePlease remember to always bring in a copy of your child’s annual physical, especially if they have had immunizations. Thank you.

Summer Plans

Please let the Center know as soon as possible, if you are planning on pulling your child for the summer. It would be very helpful for us to know if and when you are leaving. We have had several people contact us requesting summer care. Also, please fill out the vacation form on the net page and return it to Kathy if you are planning a vacation over the summer.

Click the button to download the form: Download

Thank you very much for your help.


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