May 2016 Newsletter


It’s that time of year again! Sun, Sand and fun! If you would like us to apply sunscreen on your child in the afternoons (we ask that you apply in the AM) please send in a bottle of sunscreen , 30 SPF or higher, labeled with your child’s name. Please do not send in the aerosol sunscreen as it uses a flammable propellant or the stick (roll on) sunscreen because it takes way too long to apply. Thank you!

What we learn when we play in the Writing Center

Children love to write and read their writings to anyone who will listen. The Writing Center gives children the opportunity to communicate through writing in a variety of different experiences. The Writing Center encourages children’s early interest in writing and provides a foundation that reinforces their beginning efforts and desire to write. Child Development The Writing Center offers many experiences to facili-tate growth and enhance skills in all areas of development. Physical Skills: enhance fine motor skills, develop visual discrimination, and develop eye hand coordination. Social/Emotional Skills: allow for the expression of feelings and emotions, develop appreciation for the writing of others, and promote cooperation, teamwork, sharing and collaboration. Language Skills: increase oral communication skills and vocabulary, develop spelling, phonetic skills, understanding of the purposes of writing, and extend reading skills. Intellectual Skills: develop thinking, reasoning, questioning, creativity and imagination, and promote problem solving skills.

NAEYC- Health Standard 5

This is the fifth in a series of articles on NAEYC to better help parents understand what our accreditation means to our program and to your child’s experience in our Center. Standard 5 is the health standard and promotes the nutrition and health of children and protects children and staff from illness and injury.
5.C.06 Before walking on surfaces that infants use specifically for play, adults and children remove, and replace, or cover with clean foot coverings any shoes they have worn outside that play area. If children or staff is barefoot in such areas their feet are visibly clean.
Signs requesting the removal of shoes are posted at the door of the infant room as well as on the gate used to en-ter the carpeted area. All staff and parents are required to remove their shoes or replace with slippers only worn on the carpeted area, or cover their shoes with clean foot coverings. Shoes worn outside of the carpeted area may not be worn where the infants crawl and play. If staff is barefoot in this area their feet must be visibly clean.
Please remove shoes before entering carpeted area.

Teacher Appreciation Week

The week of May 2-6 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Because it falls during our NAEYC window we have decided to move it to the week of May 9-13. The staff will be feeling a lot more like celebrating after this stressful accreditation visit. We will be celebrating and Thanking our teachers that week through the following activities. Monday—Cinco de Mayo, Tuesday—BOD Brunch, Wednesday—Parent Provided Lunch, Thursday—Director’s Tea, Friday—Children’s Thank you!
We are asking parents if they could please provided a dish for the Parent provided luncheon. There will be a sign up in the hallway on the bulletin board. Also if you could help your child fill out the thank you’s that will be distributed with this newsletter and bring them in for Friday it would be greatly appreciated. The rest is all taken care of by the BOD and myself.
Please help me in thanking our teachers for all the love and care they provide for your child.

Car Idling and Parking Lot Safety

Please do not leave your car running while you drop off or pick up your child. There is a state law prohibiting anyone from letting their car idle for more than 3 minutes (and we all know it takes more than three minutes to drop off or pick up a child) This causes needless pollution and is not safe for our children to breath especially those with Asthma or other breathing problems.
Please also remember to drive slowly (10 miles per hour) Children are fast and elusive and even if Mom and Dad are holding their hands sometimes they run from us. The slower you are going the easier it will be for you to stop quickly.
Hold your child’s hand when walking to the car.
The staff all purposely park on the opposite side of the parking lot so parents do not have to cross the parking lot with a child so please feel free to park on the Center side of the lot.
Summer is coming and this year we hope to set up an area of the parking lot where the children can ride bikes. The area will be cordoned off but you diligence and safe driving will be necessary in order for us to do this safely.

Why is Idling Harmful?
Idling Causes Air Pollution
 An idling vehicle spews air toxics, chemicals, gases and particulate matter (“soot”) into the air, contribut-ing to regional haze, acid rain and global climate change.
 An idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than one traveling at 30 miles per hour.
 Every gallon of gas burned produces more than 20 pounds of greenhouse gases!

Idling Wastes Fuel and Money
 For each hour spent idling, a typical truck burns approximately one gallon of diesel fuel, and a typical car wastes 1/5 of a gallon of gasoline.
 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it!
 Idling is like burning dollar bills!

Idling is Unhealthy
 Breathing in exhaust can aggravate asthma, allergies, and cardiovascular disease.
 Exhaust emissions increase school absences, ER visits, and even premature deaths.
 Emissions are still present and harmful, even when you can’t see the exhaust.

What Can You Do?

 Take action and stop unnecessary idling!
 Spread the word to family, friends, neighbors and school bus drivers. It’s an easy way to contribute to a healthier community!
 Be inspired to start a ‘No Idling’ campaign in your community, like the two Connecticut kids who started “Little People, Big Changes” and won a 2008 Connecticut Climate Change Leadership Award for their work!
 Encourage your school district to post ‘No Idling’ signs and sign a No Idling pledge.
 Drive your car to warm it.
 Do not use remote starters.









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