October 2015 Newsletter

Costume Parade and Harvest Party

This year’s Costume Parade and Harvest Party are going to fall on the same day. We thought it would make it easier on the parents if they only had to worry about getting that costume here once. The costume Parade will take place in the morning. The entire center walks down to town hall to trick or treat. The town hall staff love it when the children come. They come out of their offices and greet the children with treats. If parents would like to help chaperone they are more than welcome. It is fun for all!

Then we will celebrate with a Harvest Party later that afternoon from 4-5 PM. We will have games and treats and the Bounce House. Families are welcome as always.


Please get your Midland Fundraiser order forms in by October 5th at the latest. Thank you everyone who participated. We will have the totals for you very soon. All profits from our fundraiser go directly into the Playground Fund. (Please see the update for our progress on the playground fence on page three.)

Our next fundraiser starts right on the heels (actually overlaps) of the first, but I promise you there is a big break before the next one and we limit them to three or four per year. From October 2-16 we will be selling Lyman Orchard Frozen Pies and cookie dough. They will arrive in plenty of time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I can tell you from personal experience they are delicious!!! Again, Thank You for your generous contribution.

Parking Lot Safety
Please drive slowly and cautiously in the parking lot. Always use a car seat for your child. And please never leave your child in the car unattended. Thank you!

Extra Clothes

Just a gentle reminder, please send your child to childcare with weather appropriate play clothes and shoes. We do a lot of painting and playing in the sand box and we don’t want your child to worry about getting dirty or ruining their clothes while they are learning through play. It also works much better if the children wear sneakers or shoes that they can run and jump in without them coming off while playing or injuring their feet. Also, please check your child’s extra clothing bin to make sure their clothes are weather appropriate. It will start to get cool again soon and they may need a light jacket or sweater in the morning in order to feel comfortable outside.

Welcome Parents!!!

NCCCC has an “Open Door Policy” This means you are welcome to visit anytime, contribute in classroom events or activities, read aloud to the children or share a project or family tradition. If you would like to participate in your child’s room please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. You were your child’s first teacher and their continuing education is a team effort. You are as welcome here as our child!

Please remember to give documentation of your child’s flu vaccine to our nurse. Thank you!

Parent Representatives

NCCCC is seeking parents to volunteer as classroom representatives to help advise on our Program Improvement Plan for 2015 which will be based on the results of the Family Surveys done in July. We would like a representative from each classroom. This meeting can be set up to meet the needs of the parent’s schedules and should only have to occur once.

Thereafter the parents will help with Family Events and classroom activities but this can all be done through emails. I understand how valuable your time is and I am trying to respect that. One of the items brought up by the Family surveys was that parents are invited to participate in Center decisions. This is your opportunity to help make decisions that effect the Center. Requests were made last year but we received no responses. If you are interested in volunteering please see Kathy or sign up at the Open House and Pot Luck. Thank you.

Parent Volunteers Needed – Playground Update

All of our fundraising for the playground over the past few years is finally coming to fruition!!! This summer we put the fence cap up on the rails of the chain link fence. Two very generous members of the church volunteered to install it for us.

The next phase is to replace the interior fence. It is ordered and should arrive mid month. We are looking for parent volunteers to help install the fence. We hope to start tearing out the old fence on Friday, October 23rd at 5:30 Pm. We will begin with the posts and cement work on Saturday the 24th and finally put up the panels and install the gates on Sunday the 25th. If you are able to volunteer either one or both of the days please let Kathy know. Hopefully on the 17th and 18th or the week after. The Men’s Group of the Church is considering helping with the installation but they need many hands in order to get it done over 1 weekend. The plan is to take out the old fence and put the posts in for the new fence on Saturday. Then on Sunday afternoon, with the cement all set, we will be able to install the panels and gates.

Photos of Your Family

The teachers are requesting parents bring in updated photos (if you haven’t already) of your child and family members. Each classroom has an area where the children can go to see family photos if they are missing you and feeling blue. We tell them Mommy and Daddy always come back and talk with them about their family. We find, along with a hug and a cuddle, the photos are a great comfort to the children.

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October 2015


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