October Newsletter

Family Events for October We have two events for the month of October. Our annual Fall Harvest Party will be held on Monday, October 24th from 4-5 PM. The children may wear their costumes. Siblings are invited but PLEASE RSVP so we know how many people will be attending. This is vital for planning. We also ask that parents volunteer to bring a healthy treat for the children. There will be games, crafts and activities.
Then on Halloween itself, Monday, October 31st at 10 AM, we will have our Annual Costume Parade to Town Hall. The children wear their costumes and we walk to East Lyme Town Hall to Trick or Treat among the Town Offices. Parents are welcome to chaperone. It is lots of fun!!!

Fundraisers Our Lyman Orchard Pie Fundraiser will begin on October 3rd and run through October 17th. All profits from the fundraiser will go towards playground improvements. The pies are delicious and frozen so they can be kept until you are ready to bake and serve them. They will be delivered on November 4th—plenty of time for Thanksgiving Dinner. We will also be selling frozen cookie dough. My grandson and Son-in-law can tell you the M&M cookies are very good!!
The more pies we sell the more profit we make. If we sell over 95 we get free delivery. If we sell up to 175 our profit is $5.00 per item, but if we sell over 175 our profit jumps to $6.80 per pie. So please sell to you family, friends and co-workers and help us put a sandbox on the Waddler playground and a bike track on the preschool playground.

Please remember to give documentation of your child’s flu vac-cine to our nurse. They are due no later than December 31st. I am sorry to say your child will be excluded if they do not have a vaccine by that date as per State Licensing. Thank you!

Good and Bad News First the good news!!! Arame is returning to the infant room!!! We are so happy to have her back! She has missed the infants and the infants have missed her. Welcome back Arame! Stephanie has done a great job subbing for the summer but she has a new job and will be leaving here to start her new career in the field of her study.
Now the sad news… Stacy has given her notice. She wants to stay home with her babies. We will miss her but understand that you have to do what is right for your family. Nermeen, who has been subbing for Treza in the infant room, will be taking Ethel’s place because Ethel is going to cross the hall to work with Qun. Karen and Ner-meen will be the teacher’s in the Waddler Room. This assures the children in both rooms have a teacher in their room for whom English is their first language. This is an important factor when first learning to talk. Having people from other cultures present in the classroom is a very special quality as well. We are very proud of the diversity of our classroom teachers. They all have special qualities and gifts to share.
As always, we try to keep turnover low and try VERY hard to find qualified teachers who are also nurturing and responsible.



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